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N°1 de Chanel L’Eau Rouge

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red berries, citruses
jasmine, rose, orange blossom
iris, musk

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N°1 de Chanel L’Eau Rouge

The new N°1 de Chanel collection represents the global vision of Chanel beauty that incorporates three dimensions: skincare, make-up, and fragrance. The entire collection bears the symbol of the camellia flower, and red camellia extract is there to prevent and correct the signs of skin aging.

The composition of N°1 DE CHANEL L’EAU ROUGE revitalizing fragrance mist refreshes and invigorates, striking a balance between extreme softness and surprising energy.

Inspired by the red camellia, the composition provides softness and energy, as is stated by Chanel. For this purpose, Olivier Polge used a skincare base enriched with refreshing camellia water and revitalizing red camellia extract.

The uniqueness of the red camellia inspired the perfumer to create an original floral bouquet. As this flower is odorless, a creative approach led him to imagine a fresh scent that plays with contrasts.

“I started out with a multitude of jasmine, orange blossom, and rose floral facets, typical of the House, and then I combined them with sparkling red fruit notes to express the freshness of this fragrance mist.”


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